Esthetic treatments offered:

  • Facial, Facial Care
  • Electrolysis
  • Waxing
  • Manicure and pedicure
  • Poses of resin and powder nails
  • Semi-permanent gel varnish
  • Back care
  • Make
  • Bride’s Package


La Belle Blanche facial treatments:

To each skin its ointment told me my grandmother! Well, I’ll add that every problem has its solution! Each skin is different and therefore has different needs. The skin for me is more than a passion, it’s a mystery and a challenge. I will take and treat your skin with great care. Let me guide you to the ideal of healthy, healthy skin.

Your beautician, Annie Duquette.

Our Packages

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The invigorating one! Exfoliant and oxygenating mask. This little treatment is designed for people in a hurry and busy, who want a relaxing break and a burst of energy! A mini treatment for great results! Duration: 30 minutes


The Junior! For young hormonal skins with special needs. Duration: 45 minutes


Beneficial to the eyes. This fragile little skin around the eye area is often overlooked. Using a collagen bezel, the crow’s feet and small fine lines around the eye area will be pulsed and smoothed. Reduces signs of fatigue and brightens your eyes while a moisturizing mask works on the skin of the face. Duration: 45 minutes


The Fundamental. A complete facial treatment, including exfoliation, thorough skin analysis, extraction of blackheads and impurities, facial massage and mask.Duration: 60 minutes


The sensivital. It has been designed for very sensitive and reactive skin that wants to regain the comfort of well hydrated and soothed skin. A treatment that combines comfort and relaxation. Duration: 60 minutes


Hydrascience. The ultimate skin care product designed to revive the skin’s hydration process. The skin is immediately plumped and more supple. To be done once only or as a cure of 4 treatments for even more results.Duration: 60 minutes


RosaC3. This treatment treats red, rosaceous, erythrosis, rosacea and couperose skins. All those who have prevalent redness and wish to calm, moisturize and soothe redness. To be done in a single treatment but also strongly recommended in 4 treatments. Duration: 60 minutes


Radiance. It bears it’s name perfectly! Recover a radiant complexion! This treatment is specially designed to reduce pigment spots and uneven skin tone. Rediscover a sublimated and harmonious complexion. Also recommended as a cure for several treatments. Duration: 60 minutes


Pure. It is the cosmetic alternative to surgical rejuvenation techniques. A pure anti-wrinkle relaxation treatment but also sculpting and invigorating. Rediscover younger-looking, more supple skin. From the first treatment, the skin is smoothed and plumped again. Highly recommended as a cure for several treatments. Duration: 60 minutes


Retinol. Retinol facial care is designed for all skin types and even acne-prone skin. This anti-ageing treatment aims to make your skin new, exfoliate deeply, thus reducing the signs of aging but also the pigment spots and scars left over time. After a retinol treatment, the skin is lighter, clearer and healthier. It repairs itself and breathes! Recommended as a cure for several treatments. Duration: 60 minutes


Collagen veil. Collagen veil is 250% hydration in one treatment. Through the process of a collagen sheet placed directly on the skin and active ingredients to plump the skin deep down, you will quickly regain comfort, suppleness and hydration. A very gentle treatment. Recommended as a single treatment but also as a cure for several treatments. Duration: 75 minutes


The number of facial treatments performed as a cure will be proposed according to the advice and expertise of the beautician, a skin professional who will work in symbiosis with you for maximum results. The necessary treatment protocol will be determined with you and according to your needs, only after a complete meeting and analysis. Let us take care of your skin, we will take great care of it.

Create your own package, with the purchase of a facial or massage and add the baths for only $30.

Good relaxation!