Thermal experience

It is an experience that aims towards a deep relaxation, in three stages:

-The hot, the cold followed by a period of rest.

In a few hours it reduces the stress and pressure of the body and mind. It aims at relaxing muscular tension, fortifies the immune system by eliminating toxins and also improves the quality of sleep. A day at the spa to counteract the effects of our overworked lives.

To be repeated all year!

The complex

This relaxing resort built on a vast family lot that vibrates by its age and history, this land that has seen many family members see the light of day for decades, has been carefully maintained by the owners who have managed to keep some vestiges that gives the soul and the tone to the country decor of the most inviting.

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Thermal Experience


The short week is Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday … $ 45
From Thursday to Sunday … $ 55



Access to hot and cold indoor and outdoor pools.

Outdoor Sauna and Walking trails.

Indoor and outdoor rest and relaxation areas.

A Locker, a Bathrobe, two Towels, Water and Herbal tea.

* With the purchase of a facial or a massage, the thermal experience is offered to you at $ 40

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